Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Pitt Arrival and the student move-in process below. Please be advised that answers to our frequently asked questions could change due to local, state, and federal regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Move-in Dates & Times
Will I be assigned a specific move in date and time?  

Yes. To accommodate a high volume of student arrivals, you will receive a specific move-in date and time via your Pitt email address.  

How and when will I receive my move in date and time?  

You will receive your move-in date and time at the end of July in an email titled “Notice of Housing Assignment” via your Pitt email address.  

What if my family and I have a conflict with my assigned move-in date and time?  

If you are not able to move in on your assigned date, please move in on one of the other designated Arrival days. You do not need to contact Panther Central to change your date and time. Please note that your date and time have been chosen with your safety and convenience in mind, and please try to move in at that time.  

Can upper-class students move in early?  

All early move-ins before August 20 (that are not associated with a Pitt-sponsored program) must receive prior approval from Panther Central. If you would like to request an early move-in, please contact Panther Central as soon as possible. If you wish to move in on or after August 20, you do not need to contact Panther Central to change your date and time. Instead, please move in on one of the other designated Arrival days. Please note that your date and time have been chosen with your safety and convenience in mind, and please try to move in at that time.

I am a member of a Pitt-sponsored program (Pitt Band, Preseason Athlete, Panther Connect Retreat, etc.) which requires me to move in before Pitt Arrival. However, I received a different move-in date in my Notice of Housing Assignment email. Do I still need to follow the instructions provided? 

No, you do not need to follow the instructions in your Notice of Housing Assignment email if you are affiliated with a Pitt-sponsored program. Instead, follow the move-in dates and instructions provided by your program manager(s).  


Can I take a tour of my building prior to move-in?

We are unable to offer in-person building tours due to summer programming and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can take a virtual tour of  campus and your residence hall at your leisure.  

What amenities are included in my room and residence hall?

View our University Housing pages for a complete list of amenities located in your room and residence hall.  


Pack for Pitt
Is there a packing list I can reference?

Prepare for Pitt by packing appropriately! Review our move-in checklist to ensure that you are not bringing prohibited items and are only packing the essentials.  


What are the benefits of volunteering for Pitt Arrival?

The benefits of volunteering for Pitt Arrival include, but are not limited to, moving in early, receiving a free t-shirt, receiving a free meal during your shift(s), gaining invaluable leadership and customer service experience, and making new friends.  

What does volunteering for Pitt Arrival entail? 

The volunteering requirements range from 12 hours for both Volunteer and Supervisor positions to 40+ hours for Assistant Pitt Arrival Coordinator positions. Learn more about the different Pitt Arrival volunteer positions here.  

What are the different Pitt Arrival positions I can volunteer for?  

There are three different Pitt Arrival volunteer positions: Volunteer, Supervisor, and Assistant Coordinator.  

Volunteers are responsible for assisting students and families moving into on-campus housing by staffing cart rental stations, helping students activate their IDs, carrying boxes, coordinating short-term parking, and completing other duties as assigned. All Student Volunteers work three, four-hour shifts requiring a total commitment for 12 hours. No prior experience with Pitt Arrival is required.  

Supervisors are responsible for taking attendance of Volunteers and ensuring that Volunteers are aware of their duties at the beginning of each shift. Supervisors assist students and families moving into on-campus housing by staffing cart rental stations, helping students activate their IDs, carrying boxes, coordinating parking efforts, and completing other duties as assigned. All Supervisors work three, four-hour shifts, requiring a total commitment of 12 hours. No prior experience with Pitt Arrival is required.  

Assistant Coordinators are responsible for assisting Pitt Arrival Coordinators throughout the entire week of Pitt Arrival. Each Assistant Coordinator will be assigned to an area on campus that they are in charge of overseeing. Assistant Coordinators are responsible for taking attendance from Supervisors, ensuring that Volunteers and Supervisors are aware of their duties at the beginning of each shift, training Volunteers and Supervisors as necessary, and resolving issues that arise in their designated area. Assistant Coordinators are required to work each day during the week of Pitt Arrival, with exact hour requirements detailed at a later date. Select applicants for this position will be contacted for an interview with Arrival Coordinators prior to acceptance. No prior experience with Pitt Arrival is required.  

How can I volunteer for Pitt Arrival?

 Applications are now closed.

How can Pitt staff and faculty volunteer for Pitt Arrival?

Staff and faculty can sign up online to volunteer as a Welcome To Pitt greeter during Arrival. Greeters allocate carts, distribute parent/helper wristbands, and hand out welcome gifts.


Do I need to test before traveling to campus?

We strongly recommend that you complete an at-home test 2-3 days before you move onto campus. If you test positive, isolate at home and contact the Student Health Service (412-383-1800) for additional guidance.

Do I need to test once I arrive on campus?

All students living in University housing – regardless of vaccination status – must take a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival. 

  • Tests can be found on your bed. 
  • Return your completed test to your building’s RA table, which is located in the lobby of your building from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. on August 20, 21 and 22.  If you do not turn in your test by this deadline, you will not be permitted to participate in Welcome Week activities.

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days, complete the exemption form by August 17 to be exempted from the arrival test requirement. This information will be entered into your student health record.

If you are part of an early-arrival group, you must test within 48 hours of arriving on campus. Your test must be dropped off at Panther Central.

Where can I find more information about the University’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? 

Visit for timely updates and information about the University’s response to COVID-19. 


Panther Card (Student ID)
What does a Panther Card do?

Your Panther Card, also known as your Pitt ID, is the tool that every student, faculty, and staff member needs on their first day to access essential campus services. The magnetic strip on your Panther Card is programmed to give you access to your residence hall, meal plan, and transportation, and much more.  

Where can I get my picture taken for my Panther Card? 

Panther Central is unable to accept walk-in appointments for ID photos due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all Pitt students, faculty, and staff who need an official ID are required to pre-submit a photo. Follow our photo guidelines and pre-submit a photo for your Panther Card today.  

I have submitted my picture for my Panther Card. How will I receive my new card?

You will receive an email notification from Panther Central regarding the approval status of the photo you submitted for your Panther Card. If your photo is approved, then our team will print and mail your new Panther Card to your home address.

What address will my Panther Card be mailed to?  

Your Panther Card will be mailed to the address we have on file. You can verify or update your address here.  

What should I do if I do not receive my Panther Card prior to my scheduled move-in date and time?  

Contact Panther Central if you do not receive your Panther Card prior to your scheduled move-in date and time.  

I missed the pre-submit deadline. What should I do? 

Contact Panther Central immediately if you missed the deadline to pre-submit your photo for your Panther Card.  


Where can I find a downloadable Pitt Arrival parking pass?

Download and print your official 2022 Pitt Arrival Parking Pass! Place it on your dashboard as you approach Oakland so our volunteers can easily identify you as a new arrival and direct you to the most convenient parking location.  

Can my family and I bring more than one vehicle to move-in? 

Due to a limited number of available on-campus parking spaces, we are only able to provide one Pitt Arrival parking pass per student.  

Which parking location is closest to my residence hall?  

View a list of our parking locations to find one closest to your residence hall.  

Will I have to vacate my parking space after one hour? 

Yes, you will have to vacate your parking space after one hour to allow for other students and their helpers to move into your building. However, your helpers are welcome to relocate their vehicle to long-term parking to finish helping you unpack.  

Which long-term parking location is closest to my residence hall? 

View a list of our long-term parking locations to find one closest to your residence hall.  


Pitt Eats
Which  dining locations  will be open when I move in? 

All Pitt Eats dining locations will open in August 2022. 

Where can I find hours for all on-campus dining locations?  

You can find hours for all on-campus dining locations by visiting the Pitt Eats website.  

I have a food allergy. What options are available to me? 

Pitt Eats offers various options for students with food allergies. Pitt Eats also provides students with access to a licensed dietician. To learn more about these services, visit the Pitt Eats' website.  

Is there a grocery store on campus?

Yes, you can find fresh and prepared foods along with pantry staples at Forbes Street Market, our on-campus grocery store.  

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Panther Funds?

Dining Dollars are attached to your meal membership and can be used at participating off-campus vendors, while Panther Funds are pre-loaded cash amounts that can be used at a wide variety of both on and off-campus eateries and merchants.  

Can I use my Dining Dollars at local restaurants in Oakland?

Yes, 25% of your Dining Dollars funds are reserved for use at select off-campus vendors. Find a list of participating vendors here.


Pitt Mobility
When can I begin to use Pittsburgh Regional Transit and Pitt Shuttle transportation?  

You can use Pittsburgh Regional Transit and Pitt Shuttle transportation services for free as soon as you move into your on-campus accommodation. For routes and schedules, visit the Pitt Mobility website.

Can I use POGOH bikes for free? 

Yes, all Pitt students, faculty, and staff have unlimited, free access to 30-minute rides via Pitt’s partnership with POGOH. Learn more about POGOH at Pitt.

I brought my bike to campus. Where can I park it? 

Apply for a permit in one of our on-campus bike rooms or lockers.

What is SafeRider and when can I use it? 

SafeRider is a complimentary transportation service available to Pitt and Chatham students, faculty, and staff during the evening and early morning hours when special non-emergency needs. SafeRider has a 25-trip maximum each semester. Learn more about SafeRider.  

Where can I learn more about the Pitt Mobility services available to me? 

 Learn more about Pitt Mobility services by visiting  


What is #Ship2Pitt?

#Ship2Pitt is a program that initially launched in summer of 2021 and allows incoming campus residents to ship up to five boxes of personal belongings to their residence hall ahead of move-in. 

How many boxes can I ship to campus?

Each student will receive five pre-paid shipping labels to ship their belongings to campus in no more than five boxes.

Do boxes from retailers, like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, count towards my #Ship2Pitt limit? 

No, items shipped to your campus address from retailers, like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, do not count towards your #Ship2Pitt limit.  

How much can each of my boxes weigh?

Each of your #Ship2Pitt boxes can weigh no more than 50 lbs.

When is my #Ship2Pitt deadline? 

We do encourage all parcels to be shipped no later than July 29, 2022, to streamline delivery to your room. Parcels shipped after July 29, 2022, will be delivered to your residence hall mail facility and will require pick up.

Will my #Ship2Pitt boxes be delivered to my room? 

If your #Ship2Pitt boxes were shipped on or before July 29, 2022, then your boxes will be placed in your room prior to your assigned move-in date and time.

How can I recycle the boxes I used to ship my belongings to Pitt?  

You can recycle your #Ship2Pitt boxes by following the steps detailed below:  

  1. Remove all items from your #Ship2Pitt boxes  
  2. Break down your #Ship2Pitt boxes  
  3. Place your boxes in the recycling bins located in your residence hall’s trash room  

Contact your building’s RA if you have trouble locating your residence hall’s trash room.  


General Questions
Where can I learn more about campus resources?  

You can learn more about campus resources by visiting our resources page.  

Where can I learn more about new student orientation?  

You can learn more about New Student Orientation here.  

Where can I find the Welcome Week schedule? 

You can find the Welcome Week schedule here.