Pitt Arrival move-in carts.


Make move-in easy by reviewing our arrival information below: 

Schenley Quad.
Hall 2 Pitt

Prepare for Pitt Arrival by viewing information about your residence hall, as well as your assigned move-in date and time.

Cars parked on street.
Park It Right There

Download and print your Pitt Arrival parking pass prior to move-in. Place your parking pass on your dashboard as you approach Oakland so that our volunteers can easily identify you and your helper as a new arrival and direct you to the most convenient unloading area.   

You and your helper will be able to park your vehicle in a designated unloading area for one hour before being asked to relocate to long-term parking.  

Pitt Arrival Volunteer working a Welcome Station.
A Warm Welcome

After you park your vehicle, you will be directed to your residence hall Welcome Station. Our volunteers will check you in, provide your helper with a wristband to access your building, and help you sign out a moving cart.  

Amos Hall
The Key to Success

Your Panther Card (Student ID) will serve as your room key.*  Use your Panther Card to access your building and unlock your housing assignment. 

*If you are residing in Centre Plaza or the Fraternity Complex, you will receive a hard key to unlock your room. Keys should be retrieved from your Welcome Station. If you arrive after your scheduled move-in date and time, then you can pick up your key from the welcome attendant in your building.  

Vehicles parked in the lot near Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall.
Don't Go Too Car

Your Pitt Arrival parking pass allows you to park in an unloading zone for one hour. However, if your helper would like to spend time on campus after you’ve moved in, they can move their vehicle into long-term parking. Be sure to keep the parking pass on your vehicle’s dashboard! 

"Weclome Students" balloon sign outside of the William Pitt Union.
After You Arrive

Once you have finished moving into your residence hall, view our After You Arrive pages for information on connecting to Pitt Wi-Fi, locating the nearest dining options, finding the closest Pitt Shuttle, and much more!