Ship2Pitt: Thinking Inside the Box

Prepare for Pitt with #Ship2Pitt, which provides you with pre-paid UPS Ground shipping service to deliver your belongings to your home away from home. 

No more housing carts or multiple trips on move-in day! Deliveries will be conveniently routed through our warehouse for a security scan before they are sent directly to your residence hall room. Visit our Move-in Checklist to learn more about what to bring to campus! 

Click here to learn more and create your 5 pre-paid shipping labels. You must supply your own shipping materials. Please follow the Preparing Your Package guidelines. We recommend using boxes no bigger than 20x20x20. Your packed boxes should not weigh more than 50 lbs. per box.   

You will only be able to create your shipping labels from July 5 through July 29, 2022.  We encourage all parcels to be shipped prior to July 29 to streamline delivery to your room. Parcels shipped after July 29 will be delivered to your residence hall mail facility and require pick-up. If a package needs to be returned, Mailing Services can do so via the ProShip system or UPS portal.  

Each resident will be able to create 5 shipping labels to ship 5 packages. Please do not ship any items prohibited by UPS, including illegal substances, explosives, and weapons. You’ll receive an email notification from UPS once your packages are delivered to our centralized location for a security scan. You will receive an additional email notification once your packages are delivered to your housing assignment.  

Visit our #Ship2Pitt FAQ for additional shipping information and helpful tips. Please contact us or email with any questions!