Cathedral of Learning.

Before You Leave

Take the following actions to ensure you are prepared for Pitt!!

Student setting up their Pitt email.
Mail Call

The University of Pittsburgh will only communicate with you via your official University email. Ensure that you correctly set up and frequently check your Pitt email as you will be receiving communication from us starting in mid-July.  

  • Housing Information 
  • Directions 
  • Printable Parking Pass 
  • Assigned Move-in Date and Time 

Contact Panther Central if you do not receive your notice of housing assignment and subsequent Arrival emails by July 27. 

Student taking a selfie for their Panther Card (Student ID).
Send Us Your Selfie

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, incoming students, faculty, and staff are required to pre-submit a photo for their Panther Card (Student ID). Follow our ID Center’s guidelines and submit your selfie today!  

Litchfield Towers.
Dorm, Sweet Dorm

We’re ready to welcome you to your new home away from home! View your housing assignment, which includes your building, room and floor number, and roommate assignment(s), if applicable. Prepare for your arrival by familiarizing yourself with your accommodation’s amenities or by taking a virtual tour.

Student packing their belongings for Pitt.
Pack for Pitt

Pack for Pitt effectively and efficiently by only bringing the essentials. We have curated a helpful move-in check list to make your moving experience easier! As a reminder, you can purchase last-minute or forgotten items at one of our four University Stores.   

A student shipping their belongings via #Ship2Pitt.
Stay Safe with #Ship2Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh’s #Ship2Pitt Program is partnering with UPS to elevate the student move-in experience, while enhancing social distancing efforts. #Ship2Pitt provides on-campus students pre-paid UPS Ground shipping service. Each student will receive 5 pre-paid shipping labels, and deliveries will be conveniently routed through our warehouse for a security scan before they are sent directly to your residence hall room prior to your scheduled move-in.  

Students and their families moving into Pitt's on-campus housing.
Heading #Back2Pitt

We have scheduled Pitt Arrival throughout August to ensure an orderly and safe move-in experience for all Pitt students, faculty, staff, and families. View your move-in date and time here.  

Pitt Resident Assistants (RAs).
Meet Your RA

Connect with your building’s Resident Assistant to learn more about getting involved on-campus and what to expect as an incoming first-year student.  

Cathedral of Learning.
Roc & Rules

All students who live in an on-campus accommodation are required to abide by the University of Pittsburgh’s Student Code of Conduct and Residential Handbook.   

Microfridge stocked with food.
Chill Out & Rent a Microfridge

Not all residence halls are equipped with a minifridge (check your building amenities to see if yours does). Make move-in easy and rent a Microfridge for $219.99 for the academic year. Rented Microfridges will be installed prior to your move-in and will be removed from your accommodation after your departure. Visit or call 1.800.525.7307 for more information.

Pitt graduates in front of the Cathedral of Learning.

Invest in your peace of mind with GradGuard, which provides students and their families with renters and tuition insurance options.

Cars parked on street.
Put Your College Experience into Drive & Print Your Parking Pass

Download and print your official Pitt parking pass here. Place this parking pass on your dashboard as you approach Oakland so that our volunteers can easily identify you and your family as a new arrival, and direct you to the most convenient unloading area.  

You and your family will be able to park your vehicle in a designated unloading area for one hour. After this hour has passed, you will be asked to move your vehicle into long-term parking to ensure that the Arrival process is safe and efficient for all. 

Panther Statue.
Prepare for Pitt

Prepare for Pitt by viewing our curated list of resources to help you navigate your first-year experience. From locating the Pitt Shuttle schedule to purchasing tickets to the next Pitt Athletics event to finding the perfect student organization for your unique interests, we've got you covered. 

Pitt Arrival move-in carts.
Get Movin' & Groovin'

Review our Move-In pages to prepare for your arrival to Pitt!