Move-In Checklist

We encourage students to pack minimally for the fall semester at Pitt. Also consider the durability of what you bring to campus and what might end up happening to items when you no longer need them – how long will they last? Can they be donated, reused, or recycled, or will they end up in a landfill? Pitt prides itself on being a sustainable campus and this extends to your stay in our residence halls. Take advantage of Ship2Pitt, and, when possible, limit additional items only to what you can carry in one trip.

What to Bring 

School Supplies 

Don't forget your school supplies! You may need the following: 

  • Notebooks
  • Paper
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Post-its
  • Stapler
  • Backpack 
  • Calculator 
  • Tape

Or, make it easy by ordering your supplies from the University Store on Fifth. You will have the option to have your supplies delivered safely and securely to your residence hall. 

Room Decorations/Furnishings 

Pitt is your home away from home, so make sure you bring everything you need to make your Pitt home cozy and organized. 

  • Pictures/Posters 
  • Hangers 
  • Umbrella 
  • Dry erase board
  • Lamp (non-halogen) 
  • Alarm clock 

Bedding (Blankets, Mattress Pad, Pillows, Sheets) 

Be sure to check the specifications for your residence for the correct bedding size. Before you buy a mattress pad, try sleeping on your bed for a week and decide what you may need, if anything. Foam mattress pads cannot be recycled and are the largest source of landfill waste during move out. If you decide to shop later, multiple retail establishments are just a short drive or bus ride from campus. 

Bicycle, Bike Light, Bike Helmet, and U-Lock

We encourage you to bring your bike to campus. There are more than 1,100 bike parking spaces located across campus, and free secure bike parking rooms for residents of Amos Hall, Bouquet Gardens, Brackenridge Hall, Bruce Hall, Holland Hall, Litchfield Towers, McCormick Hall, and Nordenberg Hall. Visit the Bike Pitt website for more information about biking on campus and how to register your bike. Always lock your bike with a quality u-lock to secure the frame and front wheel. State law requires a front and rear reflector – step up your safety game with a blinking rear light which makes you more visible to car drivers both at night and day.

All Pitt students can use POGOH, Pittsburgh’s popular bike share program, for free. There are POGOH stations in Oakland and hundreds of bikable destinations to bike to. Be sure to bring a bike helmet to ride safely. 

Reusable Mug, Water Bottle, Utensils, and Shopping Bags 

Bring a reusable coffee/tea travel mug to keep your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature. Reusable water bottles are a must this year – fill them up at hydration stations in your residence hall and across campus to stay hydrated and avoid plastic water bottles. Reusable utensils can further reduce your waste, and a reusable shopping bag is a great way to show your pride in Pitt’s sustainability efforts and save money – single-use bags cost 25¢ at all Pitt Eats locations and the University Stores. 

First Aid Essentials 

Stay healthy and safe by packing the following first aid essentials: acetaminophen or Ibuprofen for aches and fever, thermometer, bandaids, and a first aid kit.


All residents are encouraged to bring a laptop and accessories (charger, sleeve, cooling pad). Residence halls feature MyResNet, a free high-speed Wi-Fi network, that accommodates up to seven devices per student, streams music and video, and allows online gaming. Learn more about MyResNet


You may want to bring electronics such as a TV or gaming system. If you have roommates or suitemates, you should contact them and agree on what large electronic items you plan to bring to campus. Please limit your TV to 32” or smaller to be sure it fits in your residence. Also, be sure to bring a power strip(s) with a surge protector. 

Laundry Supplies 

All University residences have washers and dryers for your convenience. Be sure to bring all you need to keep your clothes fresh and clean including a laundry bag, detergent (we suggest cold-water detergent to support sustainability efforts), dryer sheets, and dryer balls. Take your sustainability game to the next level – use a drying rack to dry your clothes in your room. Learn more about campus laundry

Cleaning Supplies 

We recommend that you bring your own cleaning supplies to keep your living space tidy and neat! You may want to consider bringing the following items: disinfecting wipes, paper towels, dish soap, and a multipurpose and/or multisurface cleaning spray. While cleaning supplies will be supplied to individuals who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own bathrooms, we recommend that you consider bringing a toilet bowl brush, toilet bowl cleaner, plunger, and a cleaning product that can be used on both showers and sinks. 

Shower Supplies and Toiletries 

Towels, wash cloths, and a robe are residence hall necessities. A small tote or shower caddy will help you easily move your toiletries to and from the bathroom and is an important way that you can keep your toiletries safe and secure. Make sure to remember shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. 


A small room fan can be helpful in providing cooling, plus it's great for background noise in a busy atmosphere.


For current mask guidelines, please visit The University will continue to provide face coverings, including N95 masks, at concierge stations throughout our campuses.

Refrigerator and Microwave 

Refrigerators and microwaves are a great way to keep snacks fresh, cook meals, and have cold drinks in your room, but they are also energy-intensive and often-discarded during move out. Reach out to your roommate before moving to campus to discuss sharing a mini fridge and microwave. If you do buy or rent appliances, make sure they are efficient and Energy Star certified. Refrigerators must be 4.2 cubic feet or smaller, and microwaves must be 800 watts or smaller. 

Save time during move-in and reduce your environmental footprint by renting a MicroFridge! MicroFridge is a combination microwave/refrigerator that is delivered to your room for free before you even move in. MicroFridge also use 40% less energy and are cleaned and repaired each year to extend their life.


Panther Card, driver's license, ATM card, social security card, insurance cards, and any other documents that you might need. 

What Not to Bring 

The following items are not permitted in the residence halls. Please review the Student Code of Conduct and Residential Handbook for all University and on-campus policies.

Extension Cords 

Extension cords are not permitted, but we recommend that you bring a power strip with a surge protector. 

Cooking Appliances 

Appliances not permitted include: 

  • Coffee maker with burner
  • Crockpot 
  • Water boiler 
  • Steamer/rice cooker 
  • Toaster/toaster oven 
  • Gas grill/indoor grill 
  • Hot plate
  • Open flame cooking device or heating unit

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are not permitted, but we recommend that you bring a fan. 

Room Decorations/Furnishings 

The following items are not permitted in your room: 

  • Lava lamps
  • Halogen lamps 
  • High-intensity quartz lamps 
  • Candles or candle warmers 
  • Holiday lights 
  • Space heaters 


Pets are not permitted in residence halls. Assistance and service animals are permitted with approval from Disability Resources and Services

Hover Boards

Due to the fire danger associated with hoverboards, they are not permitted in residence halls.

What to Bring Later 

You do not need to ship or bring all of your belongings all at once! Pack lighter by shipping some of your seasonal items at a later date. 

Winter Clothing  & Accessories 

While Pittsburgh can get cold during the winter months, temperatures remain relatively warm until mid-October. Therefore, we recommend that you plan to bring or ship your winter items and accessories, like jackets, sweaters, snow boots, hats, gloves, and scarves at a later date. 

If You Bring 


On-campus parking is available to full-time resident students. Due to the limited number of available spaces, permits are distributed by lottery.

Remember that with your Panther Card you can ride Pitt Shuttles and Pittsburgh Regional Transit buses for free. You can also bring a bike or rent a POGOH bike for free to get across campus or the city. There are also Zipcars to rent (Pitt students get a discount) and plenty of ride-hailing services like Lyft or Uber to request when you do need a car. With so many transportation options you may not need to bring a car to campus. Explore your transportation options with Parking and Transportation Services.


Often items are purchased prior to moving to Pitt, and are not needed. We recommend waiting to purchase until you have arrived on campus and have determined need, in order to save money and reduce waste.

Gaming System

Gaming systems must be configured to use Wi-Fi. ResNet is the free high-speed Wi-Fi network in residence halls. It accommodates up to seven devices per and allows online gaming. 


Basic cable television is in each room/suite in residence halls and each bedroom/living room in apartment-style accommodations, and Pitt has teamed up with Comcast to provide students living on campus access to XFINITY on Campus. Through XFINITY on Campus, residents may access On Demand and live TV network via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. XFINITY on Campus is available online, via app, and through Roku. 

What We Provide 

Per Student 

  • Bed (Sizes may vary. Check your residence hall's page for more information.) 
  • Desk and chair 
  • Dresser 
  • Closet/Wardrobe 

Per Room 

Per Residence Hall 

  • Laundry facilities 
  • Vacuum cleaner